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A joke a day keeps doctors away

Whiskey Galore

January 3rd, 2013

A man who spent a long, relaxed day with a few friendly bottles was meandering homeward when he saw a man lying half submerged in a ditch. With the courage of several bottles, and no hesitation, our hero jumped in, dragged the man out and shook him thoroughly.
When the man came to, he said “thank you for rescuing me, I’m not a normal man, I’m really a Genie, and the person who released me hit me after making but one wish; you can have the two remaining wishes”.

Our man had no difficulty in accepting his good fortune, and thought long and hard for 0.02 seconds. “I’ll have a bottle of whiskey that never runs empty” The Genie waved a hand and a full bottle appeared.

Our man took a big gulp or ten, squinted carefully at the bottle and saw that it was still as full as it was when it first appeared. “Wonderfull!!!” he said, “Give me another one of those!!!!!”

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