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N-78 Flying Cloud

January 23rd, 2013

N-78 Flying Cloud, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea Air Force, 2009

North Korea can claim credit, if credit it be, for history’s most unconventional spyplane. Suspicious that running-dog tricksters of the capitalist-fascist stooge front might be fomenting a diabolical plot in the clouds from the outside world drifting over its airspace, design wizards of the Kim Jong-il Idea Works created the ingenious N-78 Flying Cloud.

The four-engine jet was built with parts scavenged from crashed Russian Tupolev and Ilyushin airliners and concealed within a styrofoam shell molded to resemble an innocent cumulus cloud. The N-78 was charged with plowing through every suspect cloud in the sky to foil the dirty work of the imperialist hooligan camp and its lackey dupes. A clever ploy, but perhaps too clever: On its third flight, reports a defecting North Korean meteorologist, the Flying Cloud became lost in the real clouds and was never seen again.


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