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July 5th, 2013

  1. 2 turtles that lived together and paired for approximately 115 years all the sudden can’t stand to look at each other. In June 2012 Bibi the female bit Poldi the male on the shell and ripped a piece off. It seems Bibi all the sudden wants to be single and live without Poldi.
  2. The Elf Owl is the smallest owl with many documented as weighing just under one ounce.
  3. Squirrels have thumbs. That just seems funny.
  4. Owls in a group are most widely known as a parliament, not a flock.
  5. In cards, the only king without a mustache is the king of hearts.
  6. You cannot lead a cow downstairs, but you can lead one upstairs. Mooo
  7. A starfish has no brain but a complex nervous system.
  8. Not only the fur of a tiger is striped, the skin is striped too.
  9. No two lions have the same whisker pattern.
  10. A gold fish can remember something for about 3 seconds. Reminds me of someone I know.
  11. Waynes World was filmed in two weeks. Interesting!
  12. Approximately 90% of all New York cities cab drivers are immigrants.
  13. The only animal that cannot jump with all legs off the ground is the elephant. At 8,000 to 27,000 pounds, no wonder.
  14. It was a dentist who invented the electric chair. That’s more scary than funny.
  15. Mickey Mouse was the first animated figure to win an oscar. Mickey is adorable and funny.
  16. Crocodiles cannot stick their tongues out.
  17. A butterfly tastes things with it’s feet or tarsi.
  18. Folding a standard rule or college rule piece of paper or smaller in half more than seven times is impossible. Try it!
  19. The wingspan of a 747 jet is longer than the wright brothers first flight flew in the air.
  20. Did you know the plastic pieces on the tips of shoe laces are called aglets.
  21. Most folks take only 7 minutes to fall asleep.
  22. If you squeeze your nose together where no air goes in or out, you can’t hum. Try it!
  23. You could use up to approximately 150 calories in one hour of head banging. Don’t try it though, you could get whiplash.
  24. The pressure created by a heart is sufficient to squirt the blood to a distance of up to 9 meters. That’s 27 feet.
  25. The soldiers of Alexander the Great were obligated to be clean shaven so that their enemies were not able to grab their beards.
  26. In a year, the average person in the U.S is said to make over 1100 phone calls.
  27. The rule of thumb phrase comes from the English law which in the past said that a man could not spank his wife with something that was wider than a thumb.
  28. If China’s population would walk past someone in a single line, the rate of reproduction is high enough to keep the line going forever.
  29. If a woman’s name is Mary it is against the law to be a prostitute in the city of Siena Italy. Otherwise, it’s perfectly legal as long as the brothel stays within the laws and rules of the government.
  30. Over 50% of all women would rather get a gift in the form of a trip instead of lingerie or jewelry.

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