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Koala Bears Have A Two Pronged Penis

December 25th, 2013

Koala Bears Have A Two Pronged Penis


This is not to be confused with having two penises. It’s rather, a bifurcated penis.

A bifurcated penis separates into two columns thus having two ends. It isn’t exclusive to Koalas either.

All male marsupials except for the two largest species of kangaroos have bifurcated penises. Think of the reason why that might be the case…

Yes, that means the females have two vaginal openings. Some other interesting marsupial facts: Echidnas, native to Australia, have a four headed penis.

Only two of the heads are used during mating, though. The other two “shut down” and don’t grow during sex. The echidna swaps out it’s penises each time it mates.


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