International Joke

A joke a day keeps doctors away

Woman Interpretor

August 2nd, 2015

A man from the suburb of London for many years went to an occasional trip to Monte Carlo because of the casino. One night the goddess of fortune has finally removed the blindfold and he won over 500 000 euros. Happy and excited he decided to stay in the hotel and return home the day after; he wanted to enjoy the evening affording some of the other vices. Back home the next day he had to solve the problem of safekeeping of his money. He did not bring the money in the bank where he had his account because he was afraid that bank clerk will start to investigate; the place where he lived was small and the people not so fair, so he was afraid that the news of his win will quickly spread all over the city and he, for obvious reasons, didn’t want the people know about his win. So he decided to dig a hole in his garden and hide the money in a resistant and waterproof box.
The next day, returning home from work he quickly notice the footprints from the gate to his backyard. Following the footprints he noticed that someone entered in his property and stole his treasure. Upset and angry he continues to follow the footprints leading to the house of his neighbor. He remembered his neighbor was a deaf mute who had communication problems. Fortunately he remembered also that close to him lived a woman able to communicate with the language of the deaf-mute.
He took a gun, his other favorite hobby was shooting, went to the woman’s house and dragged her to the door of the deaf-mute. He rings the bell and when the guy opens the door he says to the woman:
– Explain this villain I will kill him if he don’nt say immediately where he hid my money.
The woman turns the question to the deaf-mute that explains with signs that he have hidden the box with the money in the cellar. The woman turns to the man with the gun and says:
– This guy told me he prefers rather to be killed then to tell you where he hid the money.

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