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I Missed It

August 23rd, 2015

A nun and a drunk are playing golf together. The drunk is up, so he tees up, sets his shot, takes a swing and misses. After he misses he says, “Dammit, I missed.”

The nun shot him a dirty look, which he ignored as he set up his shot again. He swings again and misses again. Again, he says “Dammit, I missed!”

The nun looks very angry, but doesn’t say anything. The drunk tries again, with another swing, another whiff, and another “Dammit! I missed!”

The nun coughed, and then said, “Sir, if you keep up this profanity, then may the Lord stike you down with a lightning bolt.”

The drunk, confused, looks at her, but eager to get back to the game, he starts his shot again. With all the concentration he can muster he aims, swings, and misses spectaularly. He shouts, “DAMMIT, I missed!”

All of the sudden, the heavens open up, the sky parts and with a thunderous boom, a lightning bolt comes down and strikes…the nun. Then a mighty voice boomed through the universe: “DAMMIT, I MISSED”

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