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Weird News

  1. A teenage girl’s snotty Facebook post ended up costing her dad $80,000
  2. Snail Crawls Out of Child’s Knee
  3. Naked breast-feeding yoga mom reveals how her daughter ‘came to sneak a suckle’ 
  4. Alien Autopsy-Area 51-The UFO Crash at Roswell New Mexico
  5. Intempo, Spanish Skyscraper, Has no Elevator to the Top
  6. Pacu, Testicle-Eating ‘Ball-Cutter’ Fish Spotted In Sweden
  7. Snowden Dead of‘Apparent Suicide’
  8. Farmer Claims On Phone Insurance After iPhone ‘gets stuck inside a cow’
  9. Man ‘Shot Wife And Put Picture On Facebook’
  10. Paranormal After-Death Experiences ‘Explained’
  11. ‘James Bond’ Skydiver Dies In Alps Accident
  12. Vietnam: ‘Jungle Men’ Found Hiding From War
  13. China Mountain Villa On Tower Block ‘Must Go’
  14. Ryan Havens Tannenholz, ‘Furry,’ Allegedly Has Sex With Cat Multiple Times
  15. Making New Teeth From Urine
  16. Woman Drives 200 Miles in Her SLEEP
  17. Grind Coffee Bar Receipt Calling Customers ‘F***ers’
  18. Japan’s ‘Hizamakura Lap Pillow,’ Cushion Shaped Like Woman’s Legs
  19. Devin Langford Urinates Out Of Sheriff’s Car
  20. Adolf Hitler Wine Boycott
  21. Johnnie Gooden Jr., Suspect, Claimed To Be Adopted Son Of Obamas
  22. Bra Sizes Of Detroit Female Cops Mistakenly Emailed To Entire Detroit Police 
  23. Flasher Offers Women $200 To Kiss Their Butts
  24. Worst Hangover EVER
  25.  Humans May Develop Beaks In the Tuture
  26. Kid Shoots Mom 21 Times Before Attempting Rape
  27. 7 Children Fall Ill at AGO
  28. Teen thieves ‘give back old iPhone’
  29. Attorney Antonio Mendoza’s Extraction
  30. Bizarre Accidents
  31. N-78 Flying Cloud
  32. Australian Woman Will Stand Trial for Raping Man
  33. 3D Printer Cranks Out A Real Assault Rifle
  34. Employee Reprimanded for Excessive Workplace Flatulence
  35. Man Claims Prostitute turned into Donkey Overnight
  36. Lucky Game Player
  37. Have a Ball at Serbia’s Testicle Cooking Championship
  38. The Letter “Z” Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet
  39. 14-Year-Old McDonald’s Burger Looks Good Enough to Eat
  40. Indian City Introduces Cardboard Traffic Policemen
  41. Young Japanese Women Rent Out Their Bare Legs as Advertising Space
  42. Meet Denis Hope, the Man Who Sells the Moon
  43. The World’s Weirdest Case
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